The Saggitarius, bronze-sculpture.
Model from the new zodiac series. A creative combination of the symbolic sign and figurative representation.
Dimensions of the sculpture approx:
Height 14,5 x width 12 x depth 3 cm.

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The Sagittarius
November 23. – December 20.

Sagittarius-born are considered adventurous, spontaneous and dreamy. They are free spirits and born optimists, are open and love the truth.

The Sagittarius is equated with the Centaur as well as in older sagas with Krotos, the son of the Pan and the nymph Eupheme.
Krotos was considered the inventor of archery. He is described as a lively and energetic journeyman who loved singing and the arts and enjoyed being in the company of the muses. He invented applause out of enthusiasm for their performances. The Muses were so enthusiastic about this invention that they asked Zeus to put the Krotos in the sky as a constellation.

The origin and development of the zodiac signs see under INFOS