Born in 1956. I studied at Münster University of Applied Sciences with a degree in design.
 As a designer, I worked in the private sector for many years. Management, graphic -, product design, photography and received several design awards.
Such as the Haus Industrieform Essen, Design center NRW and the Busse Longlife Design Award for my “kitcase” which is a kitchen in a case. Since then, “kitcase” has become a design classic that has been produced almost unchanged for over 30 years. My “kitcase” found its place in exhibitions such as the Vitra Design Museum and the Bergische university Wuppertal Institute for Art and Design History.
In 1995 I founded the Haus und Garten Galerie also referred to as H&G. Since 2010 I work as a freelance artist, sculptor.

As a sculptor, I does not aim to simply copy nature and its environment but to portray an alternate view to it.
Sometimes dreamy and longingly as the „woman in the wind“ or with a small pinch of humor as represented in „Friends“.
I moulds my birds much like a pencil sketch, not as a full sculpture but as a game between movements and accents, using empty spaces within the bronze.

My themes range from the Greek Mythology like the „Daphne“ or the „Icarus“ to the playful “EckiFanten”.

„Life is too exciting, too varied, too short to be fixated ona set style or theme „.

Guided with this philosophy, I continuously plays with different forms and themes.

ARTifacts by Eckhard Wähning