Virgin – Virgo

Virgin – Virgo, bronze sculpture.
Model from the new zodiac series. A creative combination of the symbolic sign and figurative representation.
Dimensions of the sculpture approx .:
Height 10 x width 6,5 x depth 5 cm.
Limited edition 480 pieces.

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The Virgin – Virgo
August 23. – September 22.

Virgo are considered dutiful, focused and structured. They have an analytical eye for detail and prefer to stay in the background as a string puller.

Virgo, Astraea the astral virgin, daughter of Jupiter and Themis, once lived among humans. Because of the later brutalization of the morals, however, she swung up into the sky.
The goddess Astraea (Astraia) is a figure of both Greek and Roman mythology.
It is also associated with the constellation of the Libra. The proximity of both constellations can probably also be derived from this.

The origin and development of the zodiac signs see under INFOS