Taurus, bronce sculpture.
Model from the new zodiac series. A creative combination of the symbolic sign and figurative representation.
Dimensions of the sculpture approx .
Height 10 x width 12 x depth 6 cm.
Limited edition 480 pieces.

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21. April – 21. May

Taurus are considered stubborn and strong-willed. However, under their hard surface, they are very tender. Taurus are sensual connoisseurs and particularly fond of the beautiful things in life.

The myth connects Taurus with Zeus, who kidnaps Europe, a legendary one
Phoenician princess. While she was having fun with her friends on a seashore, Zeus fell in love with her and approached her disguised as a bull.
Europe felt the beauty and gentleness of the bull kneeling before her dressed and got on his back to ride him. With her on his back, the bull rose and took her across the water to Crete, where she gave birth to three sons. She then married the Cretan King Asterion, from whom the Children inherited rule over the island.

The origin and development of the zodiac signs see under INFOS