The Daphne

The Daphne

Bronze sculpture, every daphne a unique sculpture.
With a different branch structure and new details.
Dimensions of sculpture ca.: Height 90 x Width 62 x Depth 35 cm.

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The history of the Daphne finds its origin in Greek mythology, in tales of the Roman poet, Ovid.
After Apollo had ridiculed the love god Eros as a bad guard, the latter avenged himself.
Eros shot a love arrow with a golden tip on Apollo and one with a lead tip on Daphne, a priestess of Mother Earth.
Then Apollo fell deeply in love with Daphne, while she, who was hit by the opposite arrow, was unresponsive to that love.
Exhausted by Apollo’s advances, she fled to her father Peneios, a river god, and begged him to turn her into something else not admired by Apollo. Then her limbs stiffened and they turned into a tree.“

Numerous artists were inspired by these stories of Apollo and Daphne. The marble group of Italian sculptors Gianlorenzo Bernini and Giuliano Finelli, who created them in collaboration between 1622-1625, achieved particular fame. The original is now in the Galleria Borghese in Rome.
I have always been fascinated by the presentation of the theme. In particular, the moment of the transformation of Daphne ; the Metamorphose – Slender winding, as if seeking redemption, rises up the body which transforms itself into a tree. To root your feet, seek support in the ground, and your arms will grow into branches that hope to reach heaven. –

No Daphne is like the other, always unique.
The branches are newly adapted for each casting and cast in the melt-down process.