Chameleon on Lotus Flower

Chameleon on Lotus Flower for the house.

Bronze sculpture on stainless steel with natural stone base.
Chameleon Dimensions:
Height 23 x width 6.5 x depth 11 cm. Dimensions of stone base: height 8 cm x width 15 cm x depth 15 cm. Total height with stone 37 cm.

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The Oscar for the best special effects in the animal world goes to the chameleons.
Nature’s biggest freaks.

Their tricks: A tongue that is much longer than the entire body, shoots out of its mouth in a fraction of a second and snatches insects with millimeter precision. Two telescopic eyes that can look in opposite directions. Toes that have grown together and look like mittens and can grip like pincers. Horns on its eyebrows and snout with which it can attack its rivals. And then of course there is the most famous chameleon effect: skin color. Aristotle was already fascinated by how these animals can change their color. An almost magical trick, he suspected. But now we know about another purpose of magic: communication. Some color changes actually help chameleons camouflage themselves, but above all, through their interplay they communicate what they are currently occupied with and what mood they are in. Whether they are looking for a partner, want to chase away competitors or just feel good – then they simply appear in green.

The chameleons are also a symbol of time in many cultures, as their eyes have the ability to look back, sideways and to look forward at the same time, is a symbol of the unity of past, present and future.