Scorpius bronze sculpture.
Model from the new zodiac series. A creative combination of the symbolic sign and figurative representation.
Dimensions of the sculpture approx .:
Hight 8 x width 9 x depth 9 cm.
Limited edition 399 pieces.

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23. October – 22. November

Scorpios are considered combative, unyielding and unreachable. They have
the vision of a perfect life and want to make everything ideal.

The scorpion belongs to the Orion saga.
Orion was a famous hunter and, moreover, so beautiful that he could even win the love of goddesses.
These in turn were jealous and resentful. Finally, the goddess of the earth, Gaea, Orion is said to be poisonous
Scorpio sent. Legend has it that Orion eventually died of a scorpion sting.
But it could also be that the archer rushed to his aid and shot him at the scorpion with an aimed arrow
saved, because in the sky both zodiac signs are next to each other and you can see how the Sagittarius points his arrow at the attacking Scorpio.

The origin and development of the zodiac signs see under INFOS