Pisces, bronze sculpture.
Model from the new zodiac series. A creative combination of the symbolic sign and figurative representation.
Dimensions of the sculpture approx .:
Height 7,5 x width 14,5 x depth 10,5 cm.

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19. Februar – 20. März

Fish-born are considered dreamy, good-natured and vulnerable. They are very empathetic and like to surround themselves with friends.

The giants of the earth wanted to conquer the sky one day. With his
the gigantic typhon terrified the gods so much that they fled.The goddess Dione with her little son Cupito on the run from Typhon sat down exhausted on the banks of the Euphrates. When suddenly a violent wind came up, she feared that the enemy would have found her, and she plunged into the river with Cupid. Thereupon one saw two fish in the Euphrates that offered their backs to her and her son. As a thank you for this deed, the gods gave them the stars of their sign as gifts.

The origin and development of the zodiac signs see under INFOS