The Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake

Nimue, Bronze-sculpture, limted edition 99 pieces.
Dimensions of the sculpture: Height 67 x Width 38 x Depth 30 cm.

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The Lady of the Lake
Nimue, Guardian of the Springs and Queen of the Water. Nimue is an important figure in the Welsh and Breton legends. The motif of the water, the lake or the spring is often associated with mythical, female archetypes. The Lady of the Lake is a figure that cannot be clearly identified and appears in various forms, particularly in the Arthurian legend and in connection with Avalon. Scholars see their origins in a fusion of pre-Christian traditions from Gallic, Greek, Roman and especially Celtic myths of Wales.

The mistress of the lake has similarities with the Nereid Thetis from Greek mythology. Like the mistress of the lake, Thetis is a water spirit who raises the greatest warrior of her time, Achilles. Thetis’ husband is Peleus, while in some stories the mistress of the lake has the knight Pelleas as her lover. Thetis uses magic to make her son invulnerable and gives him a shield and armor forged by Hephaestus. Lancelot receives a ring that protects him from magic and gives the magical sword Excalibur to King Arthur. The Greek myth may therefore have inspired or influenced the Arthurian legend. The Iliad epic, in which Thetis appears, was well known both in the Roman Empire, to which Britain belonged for centuries, and among the medieval scholars who wrote down the Celtic myths and lore.