Gemini, bronze sculpture.
Sculpture from the new zodiac series, a combination of ancient Greek, symbolic signs with figurative representations.
Dimensions of the sculpture approx .:
Height 10 x width 10 x depth 6 cm.
Limited edition 480 pieces.

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22. Mai – 21. Juni

Gemini love the hype and are very communicative. Even if twins are apparently open, they keep their second face to themselves.

Jupiter begets his son Pollux in the shape of a swan with Leda.
The same evening she also slept with her husband Tyndareos and also had a son, Kastor, from him. Leda becomes a mother of twins. The brothers are characterized by courage and strength. During a bride robbery, the mortal castor is pierced by a lance. Pollux begs Jupiter for help, he wants fate with his Share brother. Jupiter gives him the choice of either living alone in Olympus or living half with his brother in the underworld and half in heaven. Pollux chooses the brother and the two live alternately with the gods and underground.

The origin and development of the zodiac signs see under INFOS